Let everything that hath breath

Psalm 150 is an exuberant celebration of praise. This vigorous setting has a challenging organ part with accessible choral lines. There is a solo section for a soprano and tenor, suitable for strong choral or semi-professional voices.


He shall come down

James Montgomery (1771-1854) is one of my favourite hymn writers, and his 'Hail to the Lord's annointed' is often sung at this time of year. This anthem take two verses from the hymn, with the season of Epiphany in mind. This is a forthright SATB setting with a strong ending that will work well as an Introit too.
Duration 2".

There is no Rose

This is a new setting of a well known 15th century carol text for SATB, with some divisi for sopranos and basses. It is moderately challenging and would suit an established church choir or college/cathedral style ensemble. Verses can be sung by solo soprano/tenor, or small group of voices. Duration 2' 30".


All Hail!

Looking for a new Christmas choir piece? This short and unusual carol sets words by an 8th century Irish bishop (in Complete Anglican Hymns Old and New no. 15). Suits SSA or TTB voices.


Thank you to Christchurch Isle of Dogs for giving a first performance at Christmas 2016. For more settings of old Celtic texts, see I saw a stranger below.


Misa Latina 2016

Misa Latina is a concert mass setting for SATB with piano, bass and latin percussion (four players). Each movement is based on a different Latin American dance rhythm - tango (Kyrie), cha-cha-cha (Glory), salsa (Credo), guaracha (Holy) and bolero (Lamb of God).


The words are based on liturgical texts, except for the Credo which is based on an address by Rev. Alan Boesak given in 1983 to the World Council of Churches in Vancouver, 'This is true'.


London Docklands Singers gave the first performance of Misa Latina on Saturday 25 June 2016 at All Saints Church, Poplar, conducted by Andrew Campling, with Jonathan Pease (piano), Paul Moylan (bass) and Shaun Bajnoczky, Malcolm Ball, Katy Elman and Rob Farrer (percussion).


You can hear extracts of the performance on Soundcloud. Click here for Misa Latina extracts.


If you are interested in performing all or part of Misa Latin with your choir, please contact Donald.

Vocal scores and parts are available for hire or purchase.


CD cover image 'Haunting, lyrical, beautiful... listening to it, I hear something profound and genuine.'

I Saw a Stranger

I Saw a Stranger is  a collection of songs by Donald Wetherick and Pat Livingstone based on poems from Carmina Gaedlica by Alexander Carmichael. Working in the late C19th, Carmichael collected and translated the Gaelic prayers and blessings he heard used across the Scottish Highlands and Islands and published these in the early 20th Century. They have been an important source for contemporary Christian worship based on the Celtic tradition, including the Iona Community.


Donald and Pat worked as Abbey Musician on Iona in the early 1990s and subsequently founded the group Oran to perform contemporary Christian music in the context of worship. The CD features 20 songs. It is available at www.ionabooks.com.


'Haunting, lyrical, beautiful. A spirit from another world, and listening to it, I hear something profound and genuine.'

List of Works

Scores for these works (except Digital Works) are all available to purchase. Some can be purchased/downloaded directly at Musica Neo. Those marked * are available to download free of charge under Creative Commons license (scroll down to the bottom of the page). For any works not currently available at Musica Neo, please email me. Sets of scores and parts for Misa Latina and Suite in Six-Eight are also available for hire.


Sacred Choral Works

  • All Hail! (2015) A carol for SSA or TTB. Duration 2 mins. Listen on Soundcloud: 'All Hail!'
  • Before the ending of the day (2019) A setting of the compline hymn for SATB and organ. Duration 3 mins.
  • He shall come down like showers (2019) An Introit/Anthem for SATB to words from a hymn by James Montgomery. Duration 2 mins.
  • Let everything that hath breath (2021) Anthem for SSATB and organ, setting of Psalm 150 (AV). Duration 5'
  • Love came down (2021) Carol for SATB and organ to words by Christina Rosetti. Duration 1' 45"
  • Love bade me welcome (2023) Communion anthem for SATB, words by George Herbert. Duration 3'
  • Misa Latina (2013) for SATB, piano, acoustic bass, 4 percussionists (or drum kit, one player), alto sax and Bb trumpet (optional). Duration 20 mins. Listen to extracts on Soundcloud here.
  • Oh Mary, where is your baby? (1998, rev. 2015) A spiritual arr. for SATB and solo soprano. Duration 2 mins 30s.
  • O high and most glorious God (2019) An anthem for SATB unaccompanied, based on the prayer of St Francis before the Crucifix at S Damiano, 1205. Duration 2 minutes.
  • Responses for Evening Prayer (2019) Preces and responses from the  Book of Common Prayer, for SSAATTBB. Commissioned by East London Evensong Choir.
  • ​* Stand up! (2016) A Gospel Beatitudes for SAT. Duration 4 mins. FREE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE
  • There is no Rose (2017) A carol for SATB. Duration 2 mins 30s.
  • ​This Night is the Long Night (1997, rev. 2013) for SATB, solo soprano and piano. Duration 4 mins 30s.
  • What wondrous love is this (2015) arr. for SSAATTBB and solo Tenor/Baritone. Duration 3 mins. Listen on Soundcloud: 'What wondrous love'


Vocal Works

  • Magnificat (2005) for soprano and piano. Duration 3 mins.
  • They will not grow old (2002), words Laurence Binyon, for solo soprano. Duration 2 mins.
  • Three Lyrics by A.A.Milne (2012) for soprano and piano. Duration 5 mins.
    (Cottleston Pie, ​The Mirror, Puppy and I)



  • Skye Boat Samba (2009) for piano four hands. Duration 3 mins.
  • Three Scottish Songs (2015) arr. for piano solo. Duration 5 mins.
    (Wild Mountain Thyme, Dream Angus, Step We Gaily)

Chamber Works

  • Impromptu for Flute and Harp (2009). Duration 1 min 30s.
  • Sirocco (1996, rev. 2014) for two flutes and piano (based on a poem by James McKenrick). Duration 2 mins 30sec.
  • Suite in Six-Eight (2013) for string orchestra. Duration 15 mins.
    (​Allegro, Sicilienne, Scherzo, Rondo)​


Liturgical Works

  • A Mass Setting for St Barnabas (2008). Words from Common Worship, Order 1. (Lord have mercy, Glory to God, Gospel acclamations, Holy, holy, Memorial Acclamation, Amen, Lamb of God)
  • Before the Ending of the Day (2014, rev. 2019) Anthem for SATB and organ. Duration 3 mins.
  • God be in my head (1998, rev. 2015) for SATB and organ. Duration 2 mins 30s.
  • * Holy, holy (1996). Setting for SATB. Duration 1 min 50s. FREE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE.
  • Responses for Evening Prayer (2019). Words from the Book of Common Prayer (for East London Evensong Choir)

Digital Works

  • Into Silence (2014) Musical Meditations based on Brian McLaren's Naked Spirituality
    (Here, Thanks, Sorry, O!) Listen on Soundcloud: 'Here'


Free Downloads

These scores are available to download free of charge under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommerical ShareAlike license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). You may freely copy, adapt and distribute this material provided the original content is attributed to me, no commercial use is made of the original or adpated materials, and the material is distributed under the same license terms.

Stand Up! A Gospel Beatitudes
A gospel song for SAT choir unaccompanied, based on words from Matthew's gospel, chapters 5 and 10.
Stand UpCC - Score .pdf
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Holy, holy
A simple setting for SATB unaccompanied.
Holy, HolyCC - Score.pdf
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